Rob Hagelstein (then_rob_said) wrote in directors,
Rob Hagelstein

Advice for a director and stress?

Hi everyone!
So, I'm a student director directing a show for a festival. Anyway, today was a pretty bad rehersal, in a stressful way. Or should I say people were really angry at me. We have 10 rehersals left (one month, March 5th) until our show goes up, and we dont have a script. I sat down yesterday for 6 hours and wrote one. Its most of the dialogue, and people were really pissed at me that I waited that long to write it. People were also pissed that I didn't use any dialogue they had written, as I told them to (most of it got lost anyway, which they also weren't happy about at me for. However, it was my codirectors parents who lost it).
For one thing, they were going to get the script today heedless of when I wrote it. And for another thing, I told them when I was first going to write the script that I reserved the right to edit and not use anything they gave me.

Several of my actors were very worried about how much time we had, and that they didn't have a script. One actor even said that she was considering walking, which was kinda bad as she was pretty important... Anyway, I managed to get things under control and everyone was happy... except me.

This is where my need for advice comes in... sorry for ranting.
Everyone's stress, everyone's frustration, rubbed off on me. For most of rehersal my brain was everywhere and I had REAL trouble concentrating on conversations with people. I had trouble forming sentances because of people's emotions. It was kinda hard to run rehersal after that. Anyway, does anyone have any advice for... protecting your mind from crap like that? Protection from your casts anger? Its not like they were mad about anything that was out of control, I explained to them what was happening and how things were going to work for the remainder of rehersals, and they were all fine with it. But still, what the hell?!? Anyway, sorry that this was pretty rant laden... Thank you for any advice, I'm exhausted.
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