Rob Hagelstein (then_rob_said) wrote in directors,
Rob Hagelstein

Help with a different kind of play

Hi everyone! This is my first post here, but its also x-posted, but anyway... I'm going to try to direct a play. I have an idea about directing it that is a bit different than anything I've seen, but I think it can work. I just wanted some input from other actors/directors such as yourselves.

The "script" is a concept album, "Who will survive and what will become of them" By Murder By death. It tells the story of how the devil shows up to a small southwestern town then proceeds to destroy it psychologically and physically. I have an idea of what the scenes will be and some of the characters based on the songs.
Now, what I'm going to do is give anyone who wants to audition a way to listen to the music. In doing this, they're suppose to think of how a character they want to audition for relates to whats going on and how they feel and exist within the story. Then, come audition day, they improvise a scene with their character, instead of reading from the script.
Once I have a cast, each scene will be 60%/40% organic/structured (i.e. I'll tell people what is happening in the scene and point them where they need to go, but they come up with the action and dialogue through improv). And at each rehearsal I'll have a video camera and my assistant director will record good dialogue.
Anyway, thats the gist of the play i'm going to put on.
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